Saturday, February 17, 2018

[Episode #169]

[listen here]

Neneh Cherry & The Thing, "What Reason Could I Give (Remix By Carmen Villain)" from The Cherry Thing Remixes, 2018
Elodie Lauten, "Andante (Dedicated to the impossible)" from Piano Works Revisited, 2009
Lasse Marhaug, "The Act Of Seeing With One's Own Eyes" from Brakhage, 2005
Me, Claudius, "Hold Your Shape, Church" from Back to the Sweat-Out Tower, 2018
Crunchcut, "Mirepoix", 2017
Misled Convoy, "Long after the Embers are Cold" from Tickling the Dragon's Tail, 2014
Hortus Conclusus, "Drone_106 Impermanence" from Selected Drones, 2011

Saturday, February 3, 2018

[Episode #168]

[listen here]

DMLLL, "Although" from Short Tales Of Winter, 2018
Idol Eyes, "Neoteny" from Neoteny, 2018
Daniel Castledine, "Yellow on the Mountain with a Glass Half Full" from Notes from 2010, 2017
Daniel Higgs, "The Elemental Conflux at Big Sur" from The Measure of Mystery, 2012
Belly Full Of Stars, "Tetraphon" from A Future In Commons: A Tribute To Bassel Khartabil, 2017
Sagas, "Seven Smokes" from Arcane Pathways, 2012
Julia Reidy, "Thatched Steel & Rain" from All is Ablaze, 2016
Sachiko & Fukuoka Rinji, "void" from void, 2013
Kirsty Porter, "Jamming with Alice" from Kirsty Porter / C. Reider Split, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

[Episode #167]

[listen here]

Harry Whitaker, "Black Renaissance" from Black Renaissance, 1998
Nicole Mitchell, "Listening Embrace" from Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds, 2017
Mehmet Polat, "Something is moving" from Ageless garden, 2018
Sarah Davachi, "for harpsichord" from All My Circles Run - Special Edition CD, 2017
Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin, "Eulogy (for American Football)" from Earth Tones at the Metal Show, 2018
Neglect, "'Arroyo Hondo" from Boomarm Nation FAMILY ALBUM 2018
Mahito Kasahara, "Volcano" from depths of the sea, 2018
Expo 70, "Live September 5, 2008" from Radience, 2011
Svetlana Maraš, "Aftermath" from Angry Ambient Artists Vol. 2, 2016
Vivian Yanzhe Yu, "Cosmic Time" from Lucid Dreams, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017

[Episode #165]

[listen here]

Beautiful People Ltd., "My Bruise / Sitar Passage" from Beautiful People Ltd., 1992
Djam Karet, "Severed Moon" from Suspension & Displacement, 1991
Henry Cow, "Beautiful As The Moon; Terrible As An Army With Banners - Nirvana For Mice - Ottawa Song - Gloria Gloom - Moon Reprise" from Concerts, 1976
Sonic Youth, "Beauty Lies In The Eye" from Sister, 1987
Kurt Rongey, "A Glance (Blue, Blue and Scarlet)" from Book In Hand, 1991
AR Kane, "Up" from Americana, 1992 (original release 1988)
Codeine, "Kitchen Light" from The White Birch, 1994
Charles Mingus, "Half-Mast Inhibition" from Mingus Revisited, 1965
Zion Train, "Tassili Plain" from Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub, 1994
The Grifters, "Piddlebach" from Crappin' You Negative, 1994
Shudder to Think, "Funny" from Get Your Goat, 1992
Dean Peer, "Aaron's Interlude" from Ucross, 1991
The Residents, "The Electrocutioner" from Duck Stab / Buster and Glen, 1978
Lee Ranaldo, "Three" from Scriptures Of The Golden Eternity, 1993
Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, "Böhmen" from Home, 1994
Yes, "I See You" from Yes, 1969
Debra Solomon (auspices of Jonathan Segel), "I Fill a Pale Quill" from Storytelling, 1988
Fishbone, "Slick Nick, You Devil You" from It's A Wonderful Life EP, 1987
Gary Young, "Mitchel" from Hospital, 1994

Saturday, December 9, 2017

[Episode #164]

[listen here]

Phew, "Echo" from Light Sleep, 2017
Greg Sinibaldi, "Wintering in the Dark" from Ariel, 2017
Rachael Boyd, "Keep Your Head Up (Hannes Smith remix)" from Keep Your Head Up, 2017
Ze-Ka, "Gold River" from Ghost Planet, 2017
Caracoa, "Time in Reverse" from End of Kings, 2017
Sunny Murray, "Giblet" from Sunny Murray, 1966
Che Chen & Robbie Lee, "Explain Please (The Stars Are Listening)" from The Spectrum Does, 2017
Brother Saturn, "Death Refrain (Atomic Peace)" from Smoke And Mirrors, 2017
Sophie Hutchings, "Seventeen" from Becalmed, 2010
Clara Engel, "Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds, before they be withered" from Vigils, 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

[Episode #163]

[listen here]

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, "gong-tom-banjo-gamelan" from Dig In Sessions, 2017
Léonie Risjeterre, "Tresseterre" from Tresseterre (SB012), 2017
Art Bears x Petridisch, "The World as it is Today.  Retold." from The World as it is Today.  Retold., 2017
Gel-Sol, "Desceptre" from Horse Head Bookends, 2017
Mary Jane Leach, "Feu de Joie" (Shannon Peet, bassoon; composed 1992) from Celestial Fires, 2017 (originally released 1993)
High Aura'd, "Sleep Like The Dead" from Sanguine Futures, 2012
Doug Theriault, "en dés chaîne" from The unsent letter, 2017
Midday Veil, "Whatever It Is, It Was" from Subterranean Ritual, 2009
Motion Sickness of Time Travel, "Totality" from Totality, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

[Episode #162]

[listen here]

Thollem Electric, "Do It Togetherness (Who Are U.S.)" from Thollem's Blues - 'Best Of'!, 2017
jarguna and Friends, "Improvisation for a Dawn" from Trapped Vol. 1, 2017
Julie Rousse, "First There Was Only Waves" from First There Was Only Waves, 2017
Pelafina Rousseau, "Deluge" from A Day Slowed Down, 2017
Anther, "Cathedral", 2017
Acef Stripe, "A Subtle Warning" from Acef Stripe - One, 2017
Oulu Space Jam Collective, "Holes of the Universe" from Holes of the Universe, 2017
Charlottas Burnin' Trio, "From Nothing to Eternity" from From Nothing to Eternity, 2018

Saturday, October 14, 2017

[Episode #160]

[listen here]

BLYPKEN, "Transfigure" from 0102, 2017
Mold Omen, "Ha for Happiness" from Some Like It Fraught, 2017
Ocean Viva Silver, "The Secret Song of Molpe" from Echolalia, 2014
James Wolf, "All This" from That, 2017
I Am Snow Angel, "Falling", 2016
Emily Young, "Swadisthana Hang D" from Wonder Wheels, 2017
Arash Akbari, "Glimmer" from The Rest Is Silence, 2017
Laura Ortman, live at St. Marks Church, NYC 12/18/15
Velize, "Vapor Deposition" from Extravegetal Arms, 2017
Lydia Ang, "Movement 5" from Breath, 2012

Saturday, September 16, 2017

[Episode #159]

[listen here]

CAN, "Mother Sky" from Soundtracks, 1970
Patrick Cosmos, "The Better Parts of Space" from Tonal Rotors, 2017
Arrington de Dionyso & Ted Byrnes, "3" from The Ballot or the Bullet, 2017
Zach Zinn + Cyclopsycho, "III w/ Cyclopsycho", Live at Le Voyeur, Olympia, 09/10/2017
Jah Wobble, Holger Czukay & Jaki Liebezeit, "Mystery R.P.S. (No. 8)" from Full Circle, 1981
Merkaba Macabre, "Panspermia" from UK experimental underground 016 survey (compilation), 2016
18ème Boudoir, "Walking on earth" from Backdoor, 2015
CAN, "Halleluhwah" from Tago Mago, 1971
Raica, "Totaleo", 2011
Alchymie, "Atmospheric" from Works Of Dispersion Suite, 2012
Pink Void, Uneasy Chairs, "Uneasy Void" from With: Pink Void, 2015
Zentric Bau, "Female Infinite" from Sound Meditation Vol.1, 2013

Saturday, August 19, 2017

[Episode #157]

[listen here]

Andrew Weathers Ensemble, "We Already Exist Forever (We Will Eat)" from Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall, 2017
Tim Gray, "Colorsmoke" from Sandstone, 2016
Solypsis, "Trone" from Trone, 2017
Anjana Roy, "Raga Rageshree Alap" from Anjana Roy, 2013
Ocean Viva Silver, "Solitude Entonnoir" from The Sleep in Opera, 2016
Narcissa Kasraï, "Articulation" from Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music [compilation], 2017
Cyclopsycho, "Siren" from Solstice Serenade 2014
Sun Ra & His Arkestra, "Cosmo-Earth Fantasy" from Sub Underground #1, 2014 [recorded 1967-'68, original release 1974]
qualchan., "side b" from here, tyrant death., 2017
Daniel Menche, "Slumber VI" from Slumber, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

[Episode #156]

[listen here]

Secret Drum Band, "Vons Tundra" from DYNAMICS, 2017
Tree branch Twig, "under the water / under the ground" from beneath the, 2017
Sarah Hennies, "Knees" from Knees, 2017
.andreathelight., "give up" from the stone in my chest, 2017
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, "oxymoron6" from Eight Oxymora, 2013
elizabeth veldon, "2" from two improvisations, 2017
Henry Warwick, "In C Full Test 1" from Array, 2017
Beequeen, "Triumph" from Der Holzweg, 1993 (reissued 2014)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

[Episode #155]

[listen here]

Cyclopsycho, "Bring it", 2014
Q P.O.P., "The Void" from Space Time Continuum, 2016
Sarah Davachi, "Live Session (Excerpt)" from Level Up: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM, 2015
Cloud City Cars, "Hardcore UFOs" from Bar Wolf, 2012
Olivia Block, "Opening Night" from Karren, 2013
Paper Moses, "Eternally Connected" from Ancient Mysteries, 2017
Karl Fousek, "One Another" from One Another, 2016
John Melillo + Geoff Saba, "NO PLACE" from DRY RIVER, 2017
Andrea-Jane Cornell, "aestivate part1" from Aestivate, 2016

Saturday, July 8, 2017

[Episode #154]

[listen here]

Comanche Peak, "D.O.G." from Carnival Lights EP, 2017
Alexander Turnquist, "Statues in the Dark - Shadows Collide" from As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color, 2009
Asfandyar Khan, "North Sea Troubador" from Snow Makes Things Perfect, 2010
The Hunted Hare, "Malleus" from Nothing Is Always, 2017
Zahra Mani, "Traces" from Fragile Membrane, 2012
Mulva Myasis, "The Duchess of Filth" from Mulva Myasis Introduces Her Friends, 2015
Veronique en el espacio, "La margarita y el colibri" from Pocket, 2017
Madalena Graça, "Express to Cologne" from soloworks, 2011
Caterina Barbieri & Kali Malone, "Glory (Final Movement)" from XKatedral Volume III, 2016
Snezhana Reizen, "IceExp [act I]", 2016
Marilyn Crispell, "America" from Pianosolo - A Concert in Berlin, 1983
Marselle, "Part 2" from Everlasting Love (Live), 2017
Shane, Apparently, "the beginning of the rest of our lives" from the burden of a decaying world, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017

[Episode #151]

[listen here]

Baron Ingres, "Didyma" from Didyma / Delphi, 2017
Lingua Fungi, "River of Remora" from Vigil for the Snail Lovers, 2012
Otacílio Melgaço, "E n t o u r age" from E n t o u r age {Otacílio Melgaço} [duration 19:38], 2017
Ava Mendoza, "The Mind (Your Cheating Gray Matter)" from WOMEN TAKE BACK THE NOISE (website bonus track), 2006
Quiet Horn, "Now There Are Eight Where Once There Were Nine" from Was Once A Planet, 2017
Bing Satellites, "Gliding Slightly Above The Ground" from Extensions of Reality, 2016
Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, "Raga Jog" from A.I.R. Tapes 1 / EXCAVATION SERIES 5, 2017
Sound Awakener, "The shade you've become" from September Traveler, 2015
Marcus Fischer, "antarctic 1" from Arctic/Antarctic, 2010

Saturday, April 29, 2017

[Episode #150]

[listen here]

Linus Lemont, "Winter-Silver Static & Afternoon Kitchens (Solo Piano)" from Piano, Gravity, Glitter…, 2017
Neglect, "Lithium" from Day Of Purification I, 2017
Raica, "Beacon Radio", 2017
The Doll, "A Few Kisses Ago - Live at the Gimp Room" from 28 Till Now, 2017
wrtch, "WEALTH" from Doom Mix Vol. I, 2017
Gambletron, "AM Radio Theremin Drone" from Transparens (Idle Chatter 003), 2016
Fluorescent Heights, "Strange Lagoon Found At Nightfall" from Strange Lagoon Found At Nightfall, 2017
Kaori Suzuki, "panorama" from elongated noon, 2015

Saturday, April 15, 2017

[Episode #149]

[listen here]

Teapot, "Metyphysical Church Can You Help At The Disco" from Monolith Reworks [compilation], 2017
Ryan Huber, "Adamastor" from Mouros, 2017
Roslyn Steer, "Still Moving" from Still Moving, 2015
Moon Madchen, "Into the Wind" from Hollow Breathing, 2017
Jean Paul Jenkins + Mike Meanstreetz, 2017
Pink Void, "She Shreds", 2015
Steve Painter, "The Galaxy Being" from The Midnight Dreamers, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

[Episode #147]

[listen here]

Joshua Abrams, "Sound Talisman" (live at Constellation 2013) from Represencing, 2014
Thea Farhadian, "time shift" from Tectonic Shifts, 2016
Surface of the Earth, "Causer Gird" from Surface of the Earth, 1995/2011
Torch Americans, "Untitled (Unmolested Metal)" from Spring '17 Big Piss Tour EP, 2017
Margarita Omar, "Shelter Behind the Binary Door" from Warding Off the Digital Wind, 2017
greyghost & Craig Wedren, "dresden", 2013
Nordra, "Reflections" from PYLON II, 2016
Seeing the Sights, "Breezy Jazz Omen" from Mojave Sunsets LP, 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017

[Episode #146]

[listen here]

Natalia Beylis, "Dappled Sun" from Green Bird Fountain, 2016
Ellen Fullman, "Hiss, Louder" from Music Overheard 1, 2006
Sarah Davachi, "neustadt" from neustadt / altstadt EP, 2015
Dvory, "Fractal" from Dvory, 2017
Marcus Fischer, "Halfway to Six" from Collected Dust, 2012
Strategy, "Requiem for Apex Predators" from The Infinity File, 2017
Elisa Faires, "Amaryllis" from We Stand: An International Compilation In Support of Planned Parenthood, 2017 [original release: Photosynthesis, 2014]
somesurprises, "paolo & francesca" from voice memos, 2016
Kevin Drumm, "Yeah" from RECLINE (116 Minute EP), 2017
Entrail, "Exploded Star" from Gatas y Vatas 2015

Saturday, February 18, 2017

[Episode #145]

[listen here]

Cavatica Sessions, "Heavy-bodied" from Orbweaver, 2015
Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman, "Deep Sand" from Ogallala, 2017
Scuba Death, "The Scheme of Things" from The Worm at the Core, 2017
Ana & Ina, "Come In" from On Dockweiler Beach, 2017
Grouper, "Disengaged" from Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill, 2008
Segue, "Tape Dub" from Athabasca, 2013
DR, "Melodica Drone" from Melodica Drone, 2016
Ashtray Navigations, "Chronique Du Nord" from Chronique Du Nord, 2006
Dragging an Ox through Water, "Red Flag" from various things, 2014

Saturday, February 4, 2017

[Episode #144]

[listen here]

Cyclopsycho, "Haunted Hutch", 2016
Alphaxone, "Opposite" from Across the Grooves, 2013
Kid Feardive, "The Dreaming Crate of Antithesis" from Toyland, 2013
ReAkshen, "Foundations" from Flashback Damage, 2011
Anas Maghrebi and Michel Banabila, "Live in Beirut Jam 1" from Global Week for Syria 2015
Menstrual Synthdrone, "Desperate Siva" from Tantric Supersonic [compilation], 2015
Jocelyn Reyes, "Swamp" from Causality OST, 2017
Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia López / Cecilia Quinteros, "los muy honorables" from la corporación, 2016
THIS SAXOPHONE KILLS FASCISTS, "...Then They Came for the Immigrants and Refugees" from Live at Obsidian, January 26 2017
Spaceship, "not this time" from not this time, 2017
Chris Bassett, "No More" from No More, 2017
The Oceanside Dub Experience, "Bit Crushed E.T." from Future Dub, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

[Episode #143]

[listen here]

Fountainsun, "Lamps of Friendom" from Sweep the Temple, 2016
Thollem / Oliveros / Cline, "Outside Accord" from Molecular Affinity, 2016
Moa Pillar, "At the Gates" from At the Gates, 2016
Tomchess & Ravi Padmanabha, "Calabashoud" from Continuance, 2008
Chambers, "AEBB" from Sigma Flare II, 2016
wrtch, "Sensory Exit" from Sympathy for the Creator, 2016
Luna Arakawa, "kioq parade" from kioq parade, 2016
Elegant Humanoid, "Nodus" from West Coast cum Sardinia (compilation), 2016 [originally from Unformed, 2015]

Saturday, December 24, 2016

[Episode #142]

[listen here]

Domovoy, "Entitlement" from Domovoy, 2015
Eet, "Soldier Swordfish" from Danger Barn, 2009
Clara Engel, "II" from Your Halo is a Swarm of Bees, 2016
Chihei Hatakeyama, "Moon In The Dust" from Above The Desert, 2016
The Beautiful New Age Relaxation Tapes, "Plastic Christmas All Year" from H o m e s i c k, 2016
PAWSHANDS, "HAlo Double Pawsd (10)" from ZAP Tape, 2013
IFSH, "Be Locus" from Be Locus // Be Limpid, 2016
Apartment Fox, "Mercury In The Water" from Apartment Fox, 2013
Rhys Chatham, "Part Two" from Pythagorean Dream, 2016
Sarah Davachi, "gentle so gentle" from Vergers, 2016
Gallery Six + Sound Awakener, "Minimalistic Freedom" from Here Comes The Acoustic Season, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016

[Episode #140]

[listen here]

Plankton Wat, "After the End" from Stand With Standing Rock, 2016
Pauline Oliveros, Michael Bullock, "Part 3" from Accordion To Bass, 2014
Boredoms, "Hard Trance Away (Karaoke of Cosmos)" from Super Roots 3, 1994
Zalys, "Song of a Dying Planet" from Wandering Through Space, 2013
Jake Blanchard, "Distant Migration" from Colour Discolour, 2016
Motion Sickness of Time Travel, "The Unknown" from Affinity, 2016
Estamos Ensemble, "Olas, Sobre Las Olas" from Jimpani Kustakwa Ka Jankwariteecherï, 2011
Bird People, "Flow Like Water [Live]" from Stand With Standing Rock, 2016
Dire Wolves, "Steve Bannon Can Kiss My Jew Ass" from Jamming the Trump Agenda: A Sonic Fundraiser for the ACLU & Sierra Club, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

[Episode #139]

[listen here]

Saira Raza, "Momentum" from INERTIA, 2016
Brother Ah, "Sweet Illumination" from Move Ever Onward, 1975 (reissued 2016)
OOIOO, "Aster" from Kila Kila Kila, 2004
MindSpring Memories, "e a r l y t r a n c e" from e a r l y t r a n c e, 2016
Norihito Suda, "Note of Repose" from A Swallow in Winter, 2016
DivineBrick, "Toad Removed" from Silicon Coast, 2016
Victor Herrero, "Tibi seris, tibi metis" from Astrolabio, 2016
Pharoah Sanders, "The Creator Has A Master Plan" from Karma, 1969
Christine Ott, "Sorrow / Lover's dance" from Tabu, 2016
Alice Coltrane, "Govinda Hari" from Turiya Sings, 1982

Saturday, October 29, 2016

[Episode #138]

[listen here]

Schemawound, "I'll Always Be Your Ghost" from Heart Removal Kit, 2016
TALsounds, "Solace" from Lifter + Lighter, 2016
Marselle, "Torus - Part 3" from Synaesthetic Alloys, 2016
dustperiod, "Eyes Pop - Skin Explodes - Everybody Dead" from Sometimes I Hear Voices / Trying to Make Impermanent Things Permanent, 2015
mirani's ghost, "hell" from hell, 2015
Astoria Sound, "Phantom" from Astoria Sound, 2016
Oakland Afternoon Ensemble, "Evening Scar" from OAE 2, 2013
HØR§3 ▲ND BUGGY H3▲R§3, "wi†ch on brooms†ick silhoue††ed ▲gains† †he moon" from † H▲LLOWEEN †, 2016
C. Lavender, "Letting Them In" from Fortitude in Wintarmanoth, 2013
boocanan, "DEVIL TRIGGER" from JAWBREAKERS, 2015
Halloween, "Halloween Part 1" from Halloween, 2016
indrone, "The haunted drone" from Halloween in drone, 2016
Stuart Chalmers & Graham Dunning, "Wolf Moon" from Home Taping, 2015

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

[Episode #136]

[listen here]

Djam Karet, "Dark Clouds, No Rain" from Suspension and Displacement, 1991
Dolphin Midwives, "(((castleshell)))" from orchid milk, 2016
Niku No Sekai, "WW4" from Flesh World Vol. I, 2016
Stephie's Castle, "consciousousness", 2013
Cyanotype, "2silent schnauzers" from Two Silent Schnauzers, 2016
A/B Duo, "Limb" (composer: Drew Baker) from Variety Show, 2016
Ifsh, "Be Limpid" from Be Locus / Be Limpid, 2016
Other Matter, "Philae - Volume 3" from #1 (XII-2015) - Probes, 2015
Tethers, "You Can't Live in That Place All the Time" from Yeah We Get Along, 2011
Daydreamer's Club, "The Healing Process" from BE ALIVE, 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

[Episode #135]

[listen here]

Marisa Anderson, "The Music of the Future as Played by the Machines of the Past" from Marisa Anderson at QMF 2014
Morton Subotnick, "Part I" from Silver Apples of the Moon, 1967 (reissued 2014)
Patrick Cosmos, "Rectified Spirit Pts. I & II", 2016
Delphine Dora, "alpha centauri" from le fruit de mes songes, 2016
Æthenor, "Ermanna" from Hazel, 2016
Marielle V Jakobsons, "The Sinking of the Sky" from Star Core, 2016
Warren Michael Defever and Bubba Ayoub, "one" from Three Sacred Hymns, 2016
wrtch, "Cleisiophobia" from Sympathy for the Creator, 2016
Madelyn Villano, "Guitar + Distortion" from FOC FEST, 2012
M. Geddes Gengras, "Shard_All Bridges_Down (Terrapin)" from Interior Architecture, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

[Episode #134]

[listen here]

Grannykart, "Sine" from Grannykart's Own Thing, 2010
Luna Arakawa, "A: 02" from CATape 01, 2016
Steve Roach, "Shadow Of Time" from Shadow Of Time, 2016
Star Kaleider, "Silver Oasis (Desert)" from TRACE, 2010
M. Geddes Gengras, "Sāntam Rasa • A" from Sāntam Rasa, 2012
Andrew Weathers, "untitled" from Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles, 2016
[background excerpt: Éliane Radigue, "Untitled" from Σ = a = b = a + b, 1969 (reissued 2000)]

Saturday, August 20, 2016

[Episode #133]

[listen here]

YlangYlang (Catherine Debard), "Dialectics", 2016
Natalia Beylis, "A Hipflask Full Of Cognac" from Green Bird Fountain, 2016
Suzuki Junzo, "If I Die Before I Wake" from If I Die Before I Wake, 2016
Maxime De Waegenaere, "II" from Clean/r, 2016
Mind Over Mirrors & Jon Mueller, "A Tribute to Drone Warrior Tony Conrad" from 2016.05.28 (The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL)
Brother Ah, "Beyond Yourself (The Midnight Confession)" from Sound Awareness, 1972 (reissued 2016)
Helena Espvall, "Spiraleyes", 2012